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B&L Information Systems has created enterprise resource planning (ERP) software designed for metalcasters since 1976. Today B&L's Odyssey ERP software gives die casters, foundries and other metalcasters access to the critical business information needed to operate more efficiently, intelligently and profitably in their choice of a Windows-based environment or a Web-based environment, backed by award-winning service.



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Acme Alliance, LLCACME

Mike Anderson, Kaizen Promotion Officer

"Implementing the Odyssey ERP system gives us the ability to easily capture data – including crucial shop floor data - and utilize that data in ways we only used to dream of. I am already impressed with the data we are getting out of the system, and we have only been live for a short time. We are extremely happy with the Odyssey implementation and look forward to growing into more of the Odyssey features in the future."

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