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graphic uniteAll parts of your operation united for maximum efficiency

Odyssey automatically gives everyone, in every part of your operation, the information they need to complete jobs on time and on budget. Share information with everyone — and receive data from everyone — without any extra effort. Odyssey features modules that meet the specific needs of metal casting's five key roles: management, accounting, sales, production and quality.

Select a role below to see which Odyssey modules help staff in that role get the information they need to speed production and lower costs.


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Penticton FoundryPenticton

Ryan Morcombe, Controller

"Odyssey gives us the ability to control margins, ensuring we remain profitable across all our different types of products. We feel we haven't even begun to unlock the system's potential. We know there are so many more capabilities of Odyssey that will have a positive impact on our business as we grow and change moving ahead."

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