Who is Odyssey for?

Designed specifically to address the specialized needs of metalcasters

As a metalcaster, you have special requirements. B&L Information Systems serves only metalcasters, and we developed Odyssey ERP software to directly address the specific needs of foundries, die casters and related operations.

From a dozen employees to thousands, hundreds of the world's leading metalcasters rely on Odyssey. Whether you are a job shop or high production, ferrous or non-ferrous, sand, investment or permanent mold, Odyssey can address your unique manufacturing challenge. Whether you build your own dies or purchase them, pour aluminum or zinc, Odyssey can help you earn more profit.

Odyssey fits your business because we developed it through direct involvement from people like you, people with first-hand knowledge. And it unites all areas of your business: production, quality, management, accounting and sales.














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Beaver Valley Alloy Foundry Co.

logo BeaverValleyAlloyFoundryTom Forster, President

"Before Odyssey SaaS, we managed our own hardware upgrades, software upgrades and backups. With Odyssey SaaS, we no longer schedule or apply software or hardware updates, and all of our information gets backed up without any effort on our part. Our expertise is making castings, not supporting and maintaining software. We can now dedicate all of our focus where it should be - on our business."

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