Why Use Odyssey?

graphic tablet ExecutiveDashboardB&L is all about solving metalcasters' business problems.

The easiest way to integrate all your information to tell exactly where you can save

You face global competition and constant pressure to keep customers happy and keep production flowing smoothly while keeping prices down and profits up. Odyssey enterprise resource planning (ERP) software meets the special needs of metalcasters by bringing together all of your business information so you can make better decisions, faster.

Automatic integration

Enter your data once and Odyssey handles all of your updates, across every role in your entire operation. See your exact costs so you know how much to charge. Eliminate islands of information and old-fashioned databases and paper systems that prevent departments from sharing data. Reduce inventory costs, monitor scrap, improve delivery and more. See everything by getting one, real-time picture of your operations.

Easy to use

Streamline your processes with simple input. Odyssey offers a Windows based browser-like interface  or a Web user interface which lets you easily see job status, quoted vs. actual costs, machine efficiency by shift, tooling cycles, scrap and rework and more. View information from anywhere on your computer, tablet or other hardened device through cloud-based access. Generate standard or customized reports compatible with SAP Crystal Reports, an industry-standard reporting format for ERP solutions. Your data is compatible with most other business software such as Microsoft® Office to let you easily share data.

SaaS Advantages

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Service and support

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Penticton FoundryPenticton

Ryan Morcombe, Controller

"Odyssey gives us the ability to control margins, ensuring we remain profitable across all our different types of products. We feel we haven't even begun to unlock the system's potential. We know there are so many more capabilities of Odyssey that will have a positive impact on our business as we grow and change moving ahead."

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