Acme Alliance, LLCACME

Mike Anderson, Kaizen Promotion Officer

"Implementing the Odyssey ERP system gives us the ability to easily capture data – including crucial shop floor data - and utilize that data in ways we only used to dream of. I am already impressed with the data we are getting out of the system, and we have only been live for a short time. We are extremely happy with the Odyssey implementation and look forward to growing into more of the Odyssey features in the future."

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Beaver Valley Alloy Foundry Co.

logo BeaverValleyAlloyFoundryTom Forster, President

"Before Odyssey SaaS, we managed our own hardware upgrades, software upgrades and backups. With Odyssey SaaS, we no longer schedule or apply software or hardware updates, and all of our information gets backed up without any effort on our part. Our expertise is making castings, not supporting and maintaining software. We can now dedicate all of our focus where it should be - on our business."

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Bremen Castings, Incorporated

logo BremenCastingsJ.B. Brown, President

"Bremen Castings has had four or five ERP systems over the years. We took a hard stance and looked at what everyone had to offer. We chose Odyssey over the others because we needed to access information quickly without software modifications. With Odyssey, I can see what is happening on the shop floor, with customers, with financials - all in real time without having to call anyone or have someone do it for me."












Empire Die Casting Company, Incorporated

logo EmpireDieCastingsCompanyBob Boldt, Director of Production Control

"Prior to Odyssey we used spreadsheets to schedule and track production. Our information was disjointed and not real-time. Using the Odyssey Scheduling and Inventory module we get an immediate report of the shop floor at any time of day. We now better understand the effects of scrap and other critical factors to our bottom line."

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Fairfield Aluminum Casting Co.

FALCO logoNicole Tedrow, President

 "Falco first transitioned to Odyssey in 2004 when our manual system became to outdated and cumbersome. At first, we only implemented basic production reporting. As Falco grew and modernized, we began to see the myriad of opportunities available within the Odyssey software to streamline our reporting efficiency and accuracy. We have been able to condense workloads because what once took hours (if not days) to capture is all available in Odyssey -  with the click of a button! Over time, we have used more and more functions within the software. The staff at B&L continues to be supportive, pleasant and knowledgeable and works according to our project launch time frames, not their schedule, allowing us to grow at our own pace. I'm not sure how a foundry would function without the Odyssey software."



Kirsh Foundry Co.

Kirsh Foundry Logo - jpgJim Kirsh, Chairman

"With Odyssey, we have complete traceability of every single thing in the foundry - from the melting of the iron to the shipping of the castings."  




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Meloon Foundries, Inc.

logo MeloonFoundriesJim Iannettoni, President

"Prior to Odyssey we ran an accounting system with Excel spreadsheets. As we have grown, we needed a system that would allow us to do more with less. Since Meloon Foundries is a small company, and many of us wear different hats, our goal was to reduce the duplication of effort. Odyssey has tremendous value by helping us eliminate the redundant keying and make our operations more efficient."



Penticton FoundryPenticton

Ryan Morcombe, Controller

"Odyssey gives us the ability to control margins, ensuring we remain profitable across all our different types of products. We feel we haven't even begun to unlock the system's potential. We know there are so many more capabilities of Odyssey that will have a positive impact on our business as we grow and change moving ahead."

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Plymouth Foundry, Incorporated

logo PlymouthFoundrySam Schlosser, President

"Foundries must have a deep understanding of their costs and have easy access to timely information. Odyssey gives us a deeper understanding of our costs and allows everyone, from the production lines to top management, to have real-time information available at any given moment."












Sivyer Steel Corporation

logo SivyerSteelCorporationJustin Hesse, IT Manager

"Before Odyssey we used a paper-based system to present work instructions and to collect information. Much of our time was spent managing this blizzard of paperwork and determining what job to run next. In Odyssey, the ability to present any information to the shop floor without custom programming is worth its weight in gold. We have increased our information accuracy and management has gained access to the correct information faster."

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