Odyssey = Quality

Quality is at the heart of every metalcasting operation. With Odyssey ERP, you can IMPROVE your quality. These are real customers in die casting, foundry, and investment casting telling their own stories about how Odyssey ERP helps them create quality products.

Dashboards + KPIs, Designed for Metalcasters

The easiest way to meet your challenges is to know what you are facing. At a glance dashboards and easy to access reporting makes Odyssey the ideal choice for sharing information throughout your organization!  Real Odyssey customers share how they use Odyssey reports and dashboards.

Meeting Metalcasters' Challenges

The challenges metalcasters face are unique. Real customers talk about  specific challenges that the Odyssey ERP software system has helped them tackle.

Efficiency with Odyssey

In manufacturing, efficiency equals profit. Real Odyssey users share how the Odyssey ERP software system helps their companies increase efficiency.

Why B&L

Why Odyssey? Why B&L? Actual Odyssey customers explain why they selected Odyssey and B&L to grow their business.

What Customers Are Saying

Why does using an ERP built specifically for metalcasters matter? Real customers talk about what it mean for thier business to use an ERP made for metalcasters.