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B&L's multiple award-winning customer support team is happy to help you by: answering your questions, assisting you in using Odyssey, investigating the root cause of any issue you report, and working with you to resolve and correct any problems. Any software-related problems are promptly forwarded to our in-house., Michigan-based software development team for quick resolution.

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Reach our Michigan-based Customer Support Desk live: 8am-4:30pm Eastern time

Click here for access to B&L Knowledge Base documents

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What is the B&L Knowledge Base?

The B&L Knowledge Base is available to support you 24/7. The B&L Knowledge Base is visual step-by-step instructions of processes and proceedures within the Odyssey ERP system. (Some include video, as well.)

B&L's Knowledge Base has created a searchable database of  hundreds of Knowledge Base documents to help metalcasting customers through commonly asked questions. Some Knowledge Base documents grew out of an actual customer question, which the Customer Support team recognized as commonly asked or potentially helpful to other customers. Support Desk gives you learning options, at your own pace, or serve as a good refresher on seldom-done tasks. 

Click here for  access to the B&L Knowledge Base documents.