Production Scheduling

Your customer demands are greater than ever.  No matter the level of complexity, no matter when the order is placed, your organization is expected to deliver castings on time. The Odyssey Scheduling modules help you plan and organize your resources to deliver product in a timely fashion.   

  • Schedule by weight, hours per piece, pieces per hour, minutes per piece and number of molds/shots
  • Schedule cores, molds, internal and outside operations
  • Forward and reverse scheduling
  • Infinite and finite scheduling
  • Graphical scheduling tools
  • Heat Planner by furnace
  • Operational capacity by metal and day
  • Plan by flask capabity
  • Sequence molding and heat board

Odyssey Improves Scheduling

With your choice of scheduling tools (Shop Planner, Heat Planner or Flask Planner), Odyssey helps metalcasters overcome scheduling challenges.