Die Casting

At the heart of quality die castings is the tooling and die cast machine, and all the quality and business processes supporting them. Odyssey helps die casters monitor tooling cycles down to the cavity level and provides notifications when thresholds are exceeded. Scheduling and tracking actual die cast machine maintenance. Managing post casting operations of parts, including internal and out sourced machining, painting, anodizing, etc. is an integrated part of the Odyssey ERP system for die casters.

  • Odyssey software stores both the chemical and physical characteristics of each heat. Certifications can be printed either on demand or at time of shipment.
  • The Odyssey metal recipe system defines the composition of the metal grade, both alloy cost and requirements. Compare your standard metal usage against your actual metal usage.
  • Odyssey offers an integrated die tracking system. Total shots are kept on each die and review limits can be set. Dies which have exceeded review limits are flagged for inspection. Plus, family and combination dies are fully supported.
  • Odyssey allows for both metal and energy surcharges to be applied at order entry or invoicing for each customer.
  • Odyssey supports product price adjustments based on metal market.

What people are saying

"Implementing the Odyssey ERP system gives us the ability to easily capture data – including crucial shop floor data - and utilize that data in ways we only used to dream of. I am already impressed with the data we are getting out of the system, and we have only been live for a short time. We are extremely happy with the Odyssey implementation and look forward to growing into more of the Odyssey features in the future."
Mike Anderson, Kaizen Promotion Officer Acme Alliance, LLC

As a die caster, you have special requirements. B&L Information Systems serves only metalcasters, and we developed Odyssey ERP software to directly address the specific needs of foundries, die casters and related operations. From a dozen employees to thousands, many of the industry's leading die casters rely on Odyssey, the die casting ERP system. Whether you build your own dies or purchase them, cast aluminum or zinc, Odyssey can help you earn more profit. Odyssey fits your business because we developed it through direct involvement from people like you, people with first-hand knowledge. And it unites all areas of your business: manufacturing, quality, sales, finance, inventory and data analytics.  

Acme Alliance Story

Acme Alliance Story

Posted on July 20, 2017

LEAN die caster Acme Alliance, LLC relies on the Software as a Service (SaaS) Odyssey ERP system from Progress Partner, B&L Information Systems, to optimize operations while reducing costs.

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