The investment casting process has an intricate nature. Odyssey helps track inventory of wax assembles after injection, assembled trees during drying, or castings after pouring and knock off. Managing post casting operations of parts, including internal and outsourced machining, painting, anodizing, etc. is all integrated into the Odyssey ERP system for investment casters.

  • Odyssey ERP software for investment casters stores both the chemical and physical characteristics of each heat by tree. Certifications can be printed either on demand or at time of shipment.
  • The Odyssey metal recipe system defines the composition of the metal grade, both alloy cost and requirements. Compare your standard metal usage against your actual metal usage.
  • Odyssey offers an integrated tree pattern tracking system. Total impressions are kept on each pattern and review limits can be set. Patterns which have exceeded review limits are flagged for inspection.
  • Odyssey allows for both metal and energy surcharges to be applied at order entry or invoicing for each customer.

What people are saying

“With Odyssey, we have been able to better communicate process and customer requirements to personnel on the shop floor using Shop Floor Manager. Shop Floor Manager has also improved order traceability throughout our plant by having data entry for production operations, which provides us with real-time status of orders and more accurate information to pass onto our customers with regards to delivery of orders. These features reduce the amount of time required in finding the information, and give us more time to produce castings.” 
AJ Menefee
Vice President - Technical Director
Eagle Precision Cast Parts

As a investment caster, you have special requirements. B&L Information Systems serves only metalcasters, and we developed Odyssey ERP software to directly address the specific needs of foundries, die casters, investment casters and related operations. From a dozen employees to thousands, many of North America's leading investment casters rely on Odyssey, the investment casting ERP system. From pre-casting sales activities to post-casting operations, Odyssey can help you manage your unique manufacturing  process with efficiency and  real-time clarity. Odyssey fits your investment casting business because we developed it through direct involvement from people like you, people with first-hand knowledge. And it unites all areas of your business: manufacturing, quality, sales, finance, inventory and data analytics.

Eagle Precision Cast Parts Story

Eagle Precision Cast Parts Story

Posted on April 24, 2018

Eagle Precision Cast Parts optimizes lead time, on-time delivery, quality and more with the fully integrated Odyssey ERP system.

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Eagle Precision Cast Parts Talks about ERP

How does Odyssey work in a company? A real customer, Eagle Precision Cast Parts,  shares an overview of how they use Odyssey.

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