What people are saying

“We reap the benefits of having a secure, up-to-date, modern application without any of the headaches, hassles and costs inherent with an on-premise system. With our Cloud-based Odyssey system, I now have peace of mind that the system will be running how we need I, when we need it – regardless of what may occur in my server room.” 
Anthony Dizonno, Systems Administrator Acme Alliance, LLC

Catch Us at Industry Conferences this Fall

Our staff will be at all the 2018 fall shows! Whether you are attending the NFFS's Industy Executive Conference in Puerto Rico or NADCA's Congress & Tabletop in Indianapolis or the ICI's Annual Technical Conference in Kansas City, we would be delighted to say hello! Drop by our booth or table to catch up or to talk about your challenges. 

For a complete list of industry events, as well as classes and user conferences we host, please click here to visit our Events page.


Meeting Metalcasters' Challenges

Metalcasters have specific challenges - scrap, inventory, scheduling, etc. - that Odyssey can help them tackle. Real customers share how Odyssey helped with those challenges.