Meeting Metalcasters' Challenges

Metalcasters have specific challenges - scrap, inventory, scheduling, etc. - that Odyssey can help them tackle. Real customers share how Odyssey helped with those challenges.

What people are saying

"Implementing the Odyssey ERP system gives us the ability to easily capture data – including crucial shop floor data - and utilize that data in ways we only used to dream of. I am already impressed with the data we are getting out of the system, and we have only been live for a short time. We are extremely happy with the Odyssey implementation and look forward to growing into more of the Odyssey features in the future."
Mike Anderson, Kaizen Promotion Officer Acme Alliance, LLC
Dyersville Die Cast Story

Dyersville Die Cast Story

Posted on August 23, 2018

Dyersville Die Cast boosts productivity with Cloud-based Odyssey ERP

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