B&L Information Systems Releases Odyssey 6.1


Bridgman, Michigan, December 17th, 2018 - B&L Information Systems has issued Odyssey 6.1 for general availability. Along with software improvements, Odyssey 6.1 debuts a user interface modernization for the Web User Interface (UI). 

The Odyssey Customer Feedback Forum remains a source of industry specific improvements by B&L's R&D team. Among the dozens of customer-driven enhancements from the forum, Odyssey 6.1 includes:

  • Capital Projects has been made more full-featured
  • Production reporting by crews has been made easier with Pre-defined Crews
  • Usability enhancements to Employee Time Approvals, Purchase Orders, and Purchase Order Receipts 
  • User experience improvements in graphics and drag-and-drop capabilities 

All Odyssey release information, including for Odyssey 6.1, is now available through Rapid Support (log in here to access Rapid Support). Any assistance needed in the update process is free for any customers on maintenance with B&L. Odyssey customers on the B&L Cloud will be contacted by B&L's Technology Department with the update schedule.

Click to read the full press release on Odyssey 6.1.

Meeting Metalcasters' Challenges

Metalcasters have specific challenges - scrap, inventory, scheduling, etc. - that Odyssey can help them tackle. Real customers share how Odyssey helped with those challenges.

What people are saying

“With Odyssey, we have been able to better communicate process and customer requirements to personnel on the shop floor using Shop Floor Manager. Shop Floor Manager has also improved order traceability throughout our plant by having data entry for production operations, which provides us with real-time status of orders and more accurate information to pass onto our customers with regards to delivery of orders. These features reduce the amount of time required in finding the information, and give us more time to produce castings.” 
AJ Menefee, Technical Director Eagle Precision Cast Parts