Foundries have unique challenges that require unique ERP software, foundry ERP software. Scheduling and coordinating core production, melt deck capacity and molding demands to customer requirements is a tough balancing act. Pattern inspection prior to releasing to production. Tracking casting inventory send to outside suppliers for processing. These are all business processes that the Odyssey ERP system addresses, as well as a myriad of others unique to the foundry industry.

  • Odyssey software stores both the chemical and physical characteristics of each heat. Certifications can be printed either on demand or at time of shipment.
  • The Odyssey metal recipe system defines the composition of the metal grade, both alloy cost and requirements. Compare your standard metal usage against your actual metal usage.
  • Odyssey offers an integrated pattern tracking system. Total impressions are kept on each pattern and review limits can be set. Patterns which have exceeded review limits are flagged for inspection. Family and combination patterns are fully supported.
  • Odyssey allows for both metal and energy surcharges to be applied at order entry or invoicing for each customer.

What people are saying

"With Odyssey, we have complete traceability of every single thing in the foundry - from the melting of the iron to the shipping of the castings."
Jim Kirsh, Chairman Kirsh Foundry Co.

As a foundry, you have special requirements. B&L Information Systems serves only metalcasters, and we developed Odyssey ERP software to directly address the specific needs of foundries, die casters and related operations. From a dozen employees to thousands, hundreds of the world's leading foundries rely on Odyssey, the foundry ERP system. Whether you are a job shop or high production, ferrous or non-ferrous, sand or permanent mold, Odyssey can address your unique manufacturing challenge. Odyssey fits your foundry business because we developed it through direct involvement from people like you, people with first-hand knowledge. And it unites all areas of your business: manufacturing, quality, sales, finance, inventory and data analytics.

Penticton Foundry Story

Penticton Foundry Story

Posted on July 10, 2017

It was over a decade ago that Penticton installed their first Odyssey module. Today, Odyssey manages virtually every aspect of the business: financials, maintenance, quality, job costin

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Plymouth Foundry

The CEO of Plymouth Foundry explains why they use Odyssey, the ERP designed for metalcasters

BVA's SaaS Story

BVA's SaaS Story

Posted on July 18, 2017

For 30+ years, Beaver Valley Alloy Foundry has relied on ERP systems from B&L. By moving BVA's on-premise solution to the B&L Cloud, BVA freed itself from ongoing burden/costs.

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Kirsh Foundry

For some customers, Odyssey is part of their competitive advantage - as this video from Kirsh Foundry showcases.

Kirsh's Odyssey Story

Kirsh's Odyssey Story

Posted on July 16, 2017

Using Odyssey's Shop Floor Manager module, Kirsh has driven continuous improvement by reducing the amount of manual data entry/paperwork previously associated with daily processes.

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Bremen Casting on Odyssey

Bremen Castings discusses how Odyssey has helped them.

ERP Enters the Cleaning Room

Posted on January 07, 2016

Modern Casting article - Southern Cast Products, Inc uses Odyssey ERP system to help schedule tasks in modling and melting departments.

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Breathing New Life Into a Traditional Facility

Posted on March 07, 2013

Modern Casting article - Sivyer Steel reaches for world-class status with a major overhaul and expansion that includes Odyssey

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