Shop Floor Manager

The Odyssey Shop Floor Manager is a flexible two-way communication tool with an intuitive, easy to use interface. Present real-time work instructions, quality alerts, scheduling priorities and other critical production information to your shop floor. Collect production data, including: order number, hours worked, quantity of castings, castings made, castings scrapped, etc. from your shop floor.  

  • Interface with Scheduling and Job Costing to ensure accurate on time delivery + profitable jobs  
  • Options to create requisitions, service requests, emails, etc. right from the Shop Floor Manager
  • Touch screen and bar code capabilities
  • Capture downtime and indirect time
  • Automatically display work instructions
  • Ensure accurate data reporting with extensive data edits
  • Job Off/On notifier system
  • User definable screen layouts

Kicking Off the Shop Floor Era

Posted on January 14, 2016

Foundry Management & Technology article by VP Matt Gacek - A step-by-step approach to making data collection strategic, efficient, and cost-effective

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What people are saying

“With Odyssey, we have been able to better communicate process and customer requirements to personnel on the shop floor using Shop Floor Manager. Shop Floor Manager has also improved order traceability throughout our plant by having data entry for production operations, which provides us with real-time status of orders and more accurate information to pass onto our customers with regards to delivery of orders. These features reduce the amount of time required in finding the information, and give us more time to produce castings.” 
AJ Menefee
Vice President - Technical Director
Eagle Precision Cast Parts