Scrap Control

Prevent scrap from getting out of control and hurting profitability. Avoid costly rework and dissatisfied customers by identifying the root cause of  high-scrap jobs so you can fix the problem. Compare actual scrap to estimated scrap. View scrap by product, molding line, pattern, die and metal. Capture the work-in-process value up to the step when the part was scrapped.

  • Compare estimated scrap to actual scrap
  • Compare internal scrap vs external scrap
  • Track scrap by part, date, range, and scrap code
  • User definable scrap codes
  • Easy graphing capabilities


If your scrap rate needs improvement, Odyssey can help you get control of your scrap. 

Managing Information to Speed Production

Posted on January 17, 2013

By effectively managing rework and scrap, foundries can save time and money while reducing interruptions to the production cycle 

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Plymouth Foundry on Scrap Control

For jobbing foundries, Odyssey can help you get control of your scrap through historical information for more efficient planning.