Surcharges are one of the most complicated areas to manage due to different customer requirements, but a critical part of your business. The Odyssey Surcharge system brings flexibility and discipline down to the customer level, assuring your surcharge and your customer requirements are met.    

  • Lock in surcharge at order entry or invoicing time -  by customer
  • Include surcharge in casting price or as separate line item - by customer
  • Assign surcharges to separate General Ledger accounts
  • Accrued surcharges for period-based billing
  • Pending surcharge capabilities - by customer
  • Surcharge based on gross weight, net weight, weight of record or ship weight

Surcharges and What They Mean

Posted on October 10, 2018

Metal Casting Design & Purchasing article by Patrick McCreven, Business Development, on what surcharges mean for buyers AND sellers.

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