Ongoing Education

Our team of in-house trainers is ready to host you at one of our classes or bring the training to you. We also offer an annual users' conference, Spectrum, in the fall. We hope to see you soon!

Implementation Training

After converting your data, B&L project consultants will customize a training program and schedule to fit your needs. To speed learning, you'll train using your data in a test database. You'll learn not just how to do things but why.

Educational tools include print materials, web-based videos and hands-on simulations to support different learning styles.
Training venues give you flexible options, including on-site training at your facility, classroom training at B&L's facility or web-based training that allows B&L to conduct mini-classes by connecting with your computer.

Once the training program is complete, your staff undergoes a testing and certification process using your own database. And after implementation, B&L continues to support your business needs by offering on-going educational options to keep your staff up-to-date with the latest improvements.