Odyssey 6.2 Released

For Immediate Release
Contact: Alexandria Trusov


Focus on User ERP Experience

Odyssey 6.2 Released


Bridgman, Michigan, September 17, 2019 – B&L Information Systems, global leader in ERP for foundries, die casters and investment casters, has issued Odyssey 6.2 for general availability. This Odyssey version upgrade includes nearly 150 enhancements covering more than 25 different modules of the Odyssey ERP software.

“Like all Odyssey ERP releases, the majority of Odyssey 6.2’s enhancements were driven by the Customer Feedback Forum,” notes Brad Clark, Manager – Research & Development at B&L Information Systems. “This community forum has two great benefits. First, it allows Odyssey users to have a say in what they believe their company and the industry need. Second, it allows our developers insights into the direction of the metalcasting industry’s technological growth and what might be needed in the future.”

The user focused enhancements for Odyssey 6.2 centered around three primary areas: Scheduling, User Experience, and the Odyssey Open Data API.

  • Scheduling: In Odyssey 6.2, the two major components of the scheduling enhancements include adding: 1) drag-and-drop capabilities to Shop Planner, Heat Planner, and Flask Planner and 2) the ability to report production by hour to generate operational efficiencies by the hour.  (Both of these enhancements were driven by customer requests and customer input.)
  • User Experience (UX): The Odyssey data filtering areas have been rewritten in 6.2 to be more appealing visually as well as more efficient and flexible to use.  A highly requested enhancement was added to allow the sort order of profiles to be saved – which will allow individual users to see data in the order that they wish.
  • Odyssey Open Data API: Odyssey 6.2 also introduces a major update to Odyssey’s API.  The new Odyssey Open Data API (OODAPI) is a RESTful API that allows nearly any programing language to communicate with Odyssey to gather data for Business Intelligence or third-party interfaces such as an MES.

All Odyssey release information, including for Odyssey 6.2, is now available through Rapid Support.  Rapid Support is available directly within Odyssey Web UI or via the B&L customer portal (Customer Login) for customers on Windows UI. Any assistance needed in the update process is free for any customers on maintenance with B&L; click here to schedule an upgrade. Odyssey customers on the B&L Cloud will be contacted by B&L's Technology Department with the update schedule. 


About B&L Information Systems

B&L Information Systems is the global leader in cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for foundries, die casters and investment casters. Since 1976, B&L has implemented their unique ERP solutions at over 400 metalcasting operations, making their cloud-based Odyssey ERP match how metalcasters operate.  With Odyssey, metalcasters maximize their resources, minimize costs, and make better decisions faster.