Q2 Go-Lives 2023

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Contact: Shelby Smithers  

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Odyssey Helps Metalcasters Simplify for Better Efficiency 


Bridgman, Michigan, July 12, 2023 – B&L Information Systems, North American leader in metalcasting ERP software, has announced four company additions to the Odyssey family of active users in the second quarter of 2023.  

The following four company locations went live with new installations of Odyssey ERP in the 2nd quarter of 2023: 

  • Aristo-Cast – Almont, MI. The Aristo-Cast team can provide you with your product in any state that you choose. From raw castings to complete to print including machining, heat treating, coating, assembly, and packaging if you choose. Aristo-Cast only uses high quality alloys and technologies because they use the best materials to reduce your casting costs while increasing quality. 

  • Northern Iowa Die Casting – Lake Park, IA. Northern Iowa utilizes their array of engineering and design, die casting, machining, finishing, powder coating and assembly capabilities to provide customized products for various end markets. They have high-pressure die casting capabilities that range from 200 tons to 1000 tons, which enable them to produce parts of various sizes, weights, and design complexities. 

  • MACA Casting & Machine Inc. – Springville, UT. Established in 1980, MACA designs and builds their own equipment to ensure it will make the best castings possible. MACA has the equipment and the experience to pour over 80,000 pounds of metal for one casting. MACA pours metals including Gray, Ni-Hard and White Iron, Alloy Iron, Heat Resistant and High Chromium Iron. Their on-site lab has the equipment to assure quality from the start. 

  • Grede – Biscoe, NC. Grede began in 1920 with a single foundry in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. William J. Grede purchased what was then called the Liberty Foundry, just west of Milwaukee, and named it Grede Foundries, Inc. Today, they are one of the top metalcasters in the industry, operating 10 facilities across North America and employing 3,000 team members. Over these 100 years, our customers have helped build their very civilization. As industries boomed and technologies advanced, their gray and ductile iron castings were there to fortify the machines and vehicles that shaped the world. 


About B&L Information Systems 

B&L Information Systems is the global leader in cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for foundries, die casters and investment casters. Since 1976, B&L has implemented their unique ERP solutions at over 500 metalcasting operations, making their cloud-based Odyssey ERP match how metalcasters operate.  With Odyssey, metalcasters maximize their resources, minimize costs, and make better decisions faster.