Q2 Signings 2023

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Contact: Shelby Smithers 

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B&L Information Systems Signs New Customers 


Bridgman, Michigan, July 7, 2023 – B&L Information Systems, global leader in ERP software for metalcasters, is proud to announce continued growth in Q2 2023. During the April–June 2023 timeframe, new metalcasting companies signing to the Cloud-based Odyssey ERP software system included:  


  • HTCI, Co – New Carisle, OH. Upon founding the company in 1984, HTCI Co.'s owners set out to establish a world-class, superior quality, foundry specializing in state-of-the-art castings. Focused on meeting and surpassing customers' highest service and quality expectations from day one, HTCI Co. has consistently exceeded its goals over the years and has evolved into one of the industry's leading high performance aluminum castings suppliers specializing in aluminum castings for the aerospace, high performance automotive, and other commercial markets. 

  •  Pittsburgh Foundry & Machine Co. – Pittsburgh, PA. Pittsburgh Foundry and Machine Company (PFMCo.) began as the vision of a hardworking 20-year-old named William A. Smith back in 1901. Today, his grand- and great-grandchildren still work in Lawrenceville in the heart of Pittsburgh. Over the years, they have dedicated themselves to becoming the premier manufacturer and source for ferrous and nonferrous castings, including gray iron, ductile iron, NiHard, white iron and high chrome iron, as well as steel, stainless steel, bronze, brass, copper and aluminum.  

  • WGS Global Services – Flint, MI. WGS Global Services was founded in 2008 in Flint, Michigan. Since then, they have branched out across the world and now have multiple locations throughout the United States. WGS Global Services strives to provide friendly custom solutions at competitive pricing. Based on decades of experience in the casting, machining, component and assembly industries, WGS Global Services provides unparalleled response time to our customers` most challenging needs. 


About B&L Information Systems 

B&L Information Systems is the global leader in cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for foundries, die casters and investment casters. Since 1976, B&L has implemented their unique ERP solutions at over 500 metalcasting operations, making their cloud-based Odyssey ERP match how metalcasters operate.  With Odyssey, metalcasters maximize their resources, minimize costs, and make better decisions faster.