Cloud is more than a deployment decision, it's a strategic choice that gives you the freedom to focus on your business.

Metalcasting ERP Software in the Cloud

Doing more with less. Increasing competition. Do these sound like the challenges your business faces? What if you could free up resources?

When you pay for a typical ERP on premise software, you end up paying for more than just software. You pay for servers and other equipment. You pay for storage, maintenance and security for your servers. You pay for a backup system and disaster recovery. How does the Cloud help?

B&L houses your data on our secure servers and delivers automatic back up and disaster recovery via the B&L Cloud.  With the B&L Cloud, you don't have any of those additional costs. It's all included, letting you save on technology, staff and infrastructure.  You simply pay a low monthly subscription and B&L takes care of the rest. Odyssey is the only metalcasting ERP software in the Cloud that saves you money through the Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

  • Reliable access anytime, anywhere with any device.
  • Upgrades, enhancements and new versions automatically applied by B&L's Technology and R&D staff.
  • Get peace of mind with no need to install, operate and maintain servers and software.
  • Know your corporate data is securely stored and backed up with disaster recovery systems in place...just in case.
  • Save thousands on initial costs and get a low monthly subscription that gives you more budgeting flexibility.
  • Save thousands in on-going costs, both technology and staff, required to maintain your own servers in-house.

99.5% Guaranteed Uptime

14 Years in the Cloud

47 Years in Business

What people are saying

“The Cloud-based solution is perfect for our distributed business. We don’t have to worry about setting up hardware and software in each building or location, managing updates and backups. We are free of the tactical, day-to-day maintenance and all of the expenses and hidden costs of managing an infrastructure.”  
Mary Klostermann, IT Coordinator Dyersville Die Cast

Why Cloud Computing Makes Business Better

Posted on September 20, 2016

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With Odyssey ERP software in the B&L Cloud, there is no need to buy and maintain your own servers, operating software, application software and security software. No need to back up your own data. With Odyssey in the B&L Cloud, your software and corporate data is securely stored, backed up and made available 24/7/365.  Disaster recovery is part of the solution, ensuring fast recovery from a catastrophic event.  Enhancements, new releases and new versions are automatically applied with no effort on your part - minimizing disruptions and maximizing functionality. Odyssey is the only metalcasting operations software to give you the benefits of ERP software via the B&L Cloud.

No Software. No Hardware. No Headaches.


What people are saying

"Bremen Castings has had four or five ERP systems over the years. We took a hard stance and looked at what everyone had to offer. We chose Odyssey over the others because we needed to access information quickly without software modifications. With Odyssey, I can see what is happening on the shop floor, with customers, with financials - all in real time without having to call anyone or have someone do it for me."
J.B. Brown, President Bremen Castings, Incorporated